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Curious about how we get the job done? At Create Your Gift, we use a variety of tools and processes that bring your gift to life. On this page, you’ll learn the difference between laser marking and laser engraving and the other personalisation options to help you decide which processes are right for your upcoming project.

Discover how we can personalise products and packaging for you and gain background knowledge to discuss your ideas or questions with our team.


The process of decorating objects using a sandblasting application process goes by many names including sandblasting, sand etching and sand carving. Whatever you know the process as, understand that our artisans here at Create Your Gift can create spectacular designs on awards, ornaments and more.

We produce that rich, etched image that you’re accustomed to when you want to decorate an item with lettering, graphics and company logos. Our knowledge of the process and skills can help you recreate a similar sandblasted item or produce a custom design.

The Process

Because sandblasting works on such a wide range of materials, there are many products you can produce using this technique. Create special gifts for any occasion, make decorative items, create signage or make souvenirs. There’s even the ability to use different abrasives and grit sizes, which produce slightly different looks.
As our craftsmen have experience creating custom sandblasted items, we’re ready to customise your favourite items. If for some reason the material you have selected cannot be sandblasted, we’ll inform you on an alternative process, such as laser engraving, that’ll create the intended look and feel.

UV Flatbed Printing

One of our specialties here at Create Your Gift is crafting custom prints using UV flatbed printers. These amazing printers are also called flatbed digital printers and have been called the future of commercial printing. This, of course, is for good reason. By using a UV flatbed printer, our team is able to create amazing gifts with vivid colours. In addition, we’re able to print on different materials and produce results that would have been impossible years ago. If you want to make one custom print, or a run of a thousand, it benefits you to understand why UV flatbed printers work better than most alternatives.

The Printing Process

This process produces quality prints that have vibrant colours and rich details. The images you print using a UV flatbed printer also don’t fade as quickly and stand up against wear and tear better than traditionally printed items. The UV printing process also has benefits over other printing methods like silk screening and solvent printers. First, UV flatbed printing makes it easy to print on rigid substrates that are up to 2 inches thick. That’s possible with a flatbed printer. Next, with processes like silk screening, because of the set up, you have a minimum order quantity. However, with UV printing, it’s affordable to make limited quantity prints, as there’s not as much set up required.

Laser Marking

Laser marking goes by different names in various industries. Whereas item customisers refer to this technique as laser marking, industrial manufacturers might call it laser labelling, laser colouration or laser dark marking. All four names, however, refer to the process of using a laser to darken a material through a chemical process. Although laser marking sounds similar to the process of laser engraving, what’s happening on the surface of a material is actually much different. Our team at Create Your Gift creates custom goods using both techniques for different purposes. Here’s what our technicians do behind the scenes while laser marking.

How it Works

This process is done using a low-powered laser beam. The beam heats a material, causing it to oxidise or char, changing the laser marked area to a contrasting colour. Using a marking laser, our artisans can add letters, logos and even photos to a material. The whole surface remains intact, so you won’t feel any grooves or indentations like you do with the laser engraving process.  Laser marking is for your hard surfaces such as aluminium, platinum, stainless steel and titanium. A laser marking machine can also char plastics and mark all surface shapes.

Laser Engraving

At Create Your Gift, we have a passion for customised luxury goods. One of the tools we use frequently to produce unique gifts is our laser engraving machine. You may already know that laser engraving isn’t the “traditional” method of engraving. Yet, you’ll find that the items we produce using our laser engraver exceeds what can be done using the traditional process. Want to know more about how laser engraving works? Let’s discuss what laser engraving is, why it’s key for producing custom goods and how to decide whether this process is right for the gifts you want to create.

The Engraving Process

A laser engraver vaporises materials at a high heat. This leaves a groove that you can see and feel, while creating the engraved etch you’re used to. So, what are the benefits of laser engraving versus an alternative like laser marking? Well, laser engraving works on a different set of materials. Engraving is suitable for wood, leather, fabric, glass and other “soft” materials. There are many different benefits to either technique. Both are accurate and create detailed logos, text and images on surfaces. Plus, we can use laser engraving and marking machines to make customising on as many items as you need. There’s no pre-tooling or expensive set up, allowing you to engrave one item or several, with a quick turnaround time.

Heat Transferring

Heat transferring is a low-cost and quick way to create products for your business, school or club. There’s no intricate set up process, giving you the ability to order low quantities of only one or two custom items. Plus, you have a lot of ability to create fun gifts and products. The heat transferring process works on a variety of items including apparel, bags, home decorations, mugs and more. As most fabrics can hold heat transferred ink, and retain a quality print, you’ll enjoy the designs our artisans create.

How it Works

It all starts with a design. We will take your image, logo or design and print it onto specialty heat transfer paper. Next, we apply the paper onto a hat, shirt or product and apply both heat and pressure. After a few seconds, the ink transfers from the print to the new surface. Heat transfer makes it simple to print multiple colours on a surface at once. It is a good option for you if you have multiple colours in your design, a small image or you want a low quantity of products.

CNC Wood Routing

Create custom wood fabrications using our CNC wood routing services here at Create Your Gift. Our craftsmen are skilled at cutting, drilling and engraving on wood. It allows us to make customisation and engrave on wood items or help you produce new products. In addition, our skilled artisans can complete design processes utilising a number of techniques. We’re skilled at using both hand tools and machines along with CNC wood routing systems to build a final product that you’ll love.

How it Works

It begins with an image being uploaded into drawing software. This software outlines the cuts needed and creates a vector. Then the craftsman specifies which settings the machine should follow, selecting all the details from the cut size, to the depth and machine speed. From there, the material being cut is set onto the machine and secured before the machine completes the design. Our craftsmen primarily use CNC routers for making wood signs, wooden boxes, and for decorating wood. However, our machines can also handle other materials such as plastics, foams, and more.

Foil Printing

Add something special to your products using our foil printing services here at Create Your Gift. Our team of craftsmen can help you create stunning logos, images or texts using premium quality foil. Our foil printing process creates a beautiful metallic look on a variety of surfaces which enhance appeal and increase the quality of your goods.

What it is

Foil printing is for the times when you want your items to stand out from the crowd. It produces a much classier look than screen printing and comes in a variety of colors. You can also use foil printing to produce various effects on your material. For instance, it’s possible to create a flat, embossed or debossed appearance on paper or cardboard. When it comes to the creativity of your foil printed material, you have many options. Due to the setup requirements, it’s not possible to do limited runs of foil prints. Therefore, if you require less than 100 prints, our team will help you determine a better suited option.

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